Thursday, October 14, 2010

the lounge is the first to go

On a recent trip to LA, we went to a flea market and fell in love with a 1957 Wurlitzer jukebox.

We purchased said jukebox. A bit of an impulse purchase you might say...especially as we had to ship it from California to England. The lovely jukebox fellas have organised this and it is currently on its way across the Atlantic.

This means we have three weeks to get our living room looking spruced up for the new tenant. In preparation, we have the following tasks:

knock down old boiler cupboard and archway (see below)
remove 1980s gold-plated ceiling & wall lights
box in pipework (I hate boxing-in but it's the only option)
remove coving
replaster walls & ceiling (goodbye hideous artex!)
repaint walls & ceiling
new pendant lights
new walnut flooring throughout

Archway before:
Archway no more:

(Excuse the awful image quality ~ taken on my phone)

Boiler cupboard now gone:

You would not believe how much more space this has given us in the living room. When we first came to view the house, my first impression of the room when I walked in was "why the heck is there a big chunk of wall sticking in to the room". Contrary to what many home-show TV presenters tell me, I am not someone who cares particularly about a massive kitchen. I like to lounge, and to do that well I need a big airy space. Fabulous.

So this is the mood board for the living version anyway...I don't know what G thinks of it.. I'm thinking olive, mustard, hint of red/orange with lots of dark woods. I'm planning a George Nelson bubble pendant along with lots of West German pottery. Cosy for all those dark evenings coming up.

Not only that, but we'll have our jukebox to keep us company.

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