Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First up....the project itself

I am a mid century modern nutcase. I love trawling flea markets and boot fairs, perusing eBay for bargain gems, and visiting California just to get my architecture fix. My love for this era's design aesthetic only serves to make me hate my home country all the more.

You see, I live in England. And at a time when America was painting everything bright and cheery, post-war Britain was awash with austerity and lack of funds. The result of which means that there is very little here to satisfy a mid century appetite. Of course there are the amazing 60s Bauhaus inspired buildings in every English town, but they are now considered "eye-sores" and are regularly torn down to be replaced with faux-Georgian townhouses.

The husband ("G") and I are determined to change things. We have just bought a 1965 semi-detached house in a little English village. Our mission, should we choose to accept it (oh yes), is to bring a little retro love to this little idyll. Our 1965 will become Palm Springs 1965. The stunner in the banner of this blog is a little over-optimistic, but we can but try.

I am aiming for the essense of these...

(This last image is never going to happen...but I love it)

And here is what we have to work with:

Have we set ourselves an impossible challenge?! We will do our very best.

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