Saturday, October 30, 2010

going going green

The painter mixer guy must have thought I had a screw loose when I asked for 15 tester pots.

After umming and aahing, we've decided on an olive green for the very long lounge wall. This is G getting on with the job..

After two coats, it looks amazing! You can see the finished colour by looking at the edges at the top which are thicker. When we had the room plastered, my worry was that a dark colour would make the room seem really small, but luckily that is not the case. It's almost the opposite ~ having a strong colour on such a long wall only seems to emphasise the space. I'm not sure I'll be saying that when all our furniture's back in the room..

I originally thought a grey would go nicely, but after "test potting" it, I thought it looked a little drab. We aren't going for post-war austerity here, and the green and grey made things look a little institutional or like a depressing home in 1950s England. Instead we have teamed the green with an off-white that keeps things looking "bright and gay" (to quote a very old English expression). I don't want to post a picture until the room is complete, but suffice to say I love it!

On Monday we are knocking down the archway between the two kitchens. Our home has a rather quirky layout and has two kitchens, but we want to knock them through to create one beautiful space. We are open-plan living kind of people, so the thought of having no doors in between is perfect to me.

Then later in the week we are laying beautiful walnut floors in the lounge and hallway. Finally it will be goodbye carpet and hello beautiful grain.

And on a bright note, I have ordered sample swatches of these fabrics for potential lounge! Probably leaning towards the lighter shade due to the olive wall, but I had to see what the coloured ones look like.

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  1. Looks fab ! Can't wait to see more pictures :=) I'm very curious to know where you ordered your fabric swatches from ? I love the Eames dots pattern !